XRP Robots Launch New Hampshire’s First-in-the Nation Education Initiative

An inspiring inaugural moment! New Hampshire launched its innovative robotics initiative to promote STEM education at Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies in Manchester, NH. Academy students enthusiastically participated in preparing for this event as they printed, built, and kitted 200 XRP robots, making them ready to ship to schools across the state. Governor Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Inventor Dean Kamen were among the guest speakers who met with the student robot makers and toured the printing facility at Manchester Community College.

As the Manchester Union Leader reported, this project is a brainchild of Dean Kamen’s DEKA Research & Development and Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Initially implemented with the Spark Academy student program and additional printing at two New Hampshire community colleges, the initiative includes expanding 3D print farms across all seven community colleges in New Hampshire. 

The New Hampshire legislature’s project funding is remarkably efficient, with less than half a million dollars in state money. A highlight of the initiative is the cost-effectiveness of these robot kits. Priced at approximately $55 each, they are significantly more affordable than many conventional educational resources, a fact emphasized humorously by Kamen comparing them to the cost of seldom-used textbooks.

The state-wide initiative also includes access to training for teachers to explore using this technology in their lesson plans. Ten teachers had already signed up to attend a session at Manchester Community College before the official launch.

Governor Chris Sununu expressed his admiration for the project’s comprehensive nature, noting the unique aspect of students not only learning from these robots but also participating in their creation and distribution. This approach represents a vertical integration of learning, where every stage offers educational value.

New Hampshire’s robotics initiative is a beacon of innovation in STEM education. It demonstrates how hands-on learning, student involvement in production, and practical application of technology can profoundly impact education. This initiative offers a replicable model of how state-funded projects can revolutionize how we approach teaching and learning in the 21st century.


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