Announcing the Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP) Kit

We are so excited to finally reveal this kit to everyone who may want to pick one up! It is a comprehensive introduction to robotics that includes an easy-to-assemble hardware kit, coding environment, and online modules.

Here at SparkFun, we have been hard at work with partners from leading education and technology companies (including founding visionaries DEKA® and Worcester Polytechnic Institute® (WPI), as well as Raspberry Pi® Ltd., STMicroelectronics®, DigiKey®, and Dagurobot®) developing the latest in beginning robotics – the Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)!

The XRP is an entry-level open-source robotics ecosystem intended to expand global participation in robotics, inspire future engineers, and serve as a springboard for STEM education for grades 8-12, electronics beginners, and robotics enthusiasts of any age. As of today, anyone can preorder the kit for delivery later this summer!

Look how easy it is to build your own XRP!

Pre-Order Your XRP Kit Today!

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