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The XRP is an open-robotics platform designed to help you take your first steps into engineering, robotics, and software development.
Ready to start building? View our Get Started Guide
Ready to start building? View our
Get Started Guide
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Take the First Step into Robotics

A Premiere Open Curriculum

The XRP is not only simple, inexpensive, and easy to build, but includes access to a free open curriculum developed by Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) through its OpenSTEM platform—guiding even the novice user.
Trusted partnerships with the world’s leaders in electronics and STEM education make the XRP a groundbreaking, powerful hands-on learning experience accessible to all. Get inspired by the possibilities that await.

Bridge to

We were all rookies once. The XRP is designed to help new teammates come up to speed. Fully compatible with WPILiB, the XRP can run the same software as your full-size FRC robot.

 Spend the off-season sharpening your skills and help others get their start in FIRST.

AT FIRST, we provide life-changing robotics programs that give young people the skills, confidence, and resilience to build a better world. We believe the XRP serves as an excellent bridge to our programs and have not only helped pilot the technology, but also have plans to provide it to rookie teams as a jumping off point for building and programming their robots,”

Chris Rake, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at FIRST


Raspberry Pi Pico W

Based on the Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller chip, the Raspberry Pi Pico W is a high-performance microcontroller board with flexible digital interfaces. Its powerful processor capability is Arduino compatible, and it comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for maximum customization.

STMicroelectronics IMU

A High-performance IMU with six degrees of freedom (three degrees of linear acceleration; three degrees of angular velocity at varying rates) that is capable of measuring acceleration and inclination for a wide range of applications.

Ports & Extensibility

Four onboard motor controllers with encoders and servomotor capability.

Includes Qwiic® Connector to quickly interface with sensors, LCDs, relays, and more, without soldering.


Blockly IDE

Learning to code may seem daunting, but Google’s Blockly editor represents coding concepts as interlocking blocks, making your first projects as easy as drag and drop!

As your coding skills develop, XRP projects also support more advanced languages like MicroPython and Arduino.

WPILib Compatible

XRP kits are fully backed and supported by WPILib – a software library used for interfacing various parts of the robotics control system (sensors, motor controllers, etc.).
The XRP’s MicroPython repo is available on Github:

Mobile Apps

XRP Training App

Turn knowledge into action with the XRP Training app – learn to build and program robots with intuitive training resources delivered on mobile and desktop devices.

Coming Soon...

Build Your Own? Designed for Community Manufacturing

Download existing plans for 3D printing mechanical parts from a library of useful components.

Choose from different models to custom design your robot using XRP’s snap & build system.

Create your own designs to build new, custom components and mechanisms to fit your robot.

Need Help?

The XRP discussion forums are a place to ask questions and offer help and advice. Learn from others and get the answers you’re looking for.

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