The Future of Robotics


Impactful Missions & How Robots Will Transform our Lives

Remember those clunky robots from old sci-fi movies? Forget them. Robotics has graduated from silver-screen fantasy to real-world revolution. From automating factories to performing life-saving surgeries, robots are transforming our lives in ways we never imagined.  But where are we headed? 

The vast unknown has always held a certain mystique for humanity. The countless unanswered questions beyond our current understanding can be daunting. However, one thing remains certain: technology serves as a powerful tool that we can use to build a world that is more sustainable and fair to everyone. A crucial step in achieving this is providing STEM opportunities to young people in underserved areas, a mission we share with other companies. The future of robotics is uncertain but exciting, and filled with positive possibilities.

Let’s explore the inspiring missions of Sparkfun, DEKA, Ekso Bionics, FIRST Robotics, Piaggio Fast Forward, and Agility Robotics. Companies that share our passion for the potential of robotics in modern society.

Meet the Masterminds!


Founded by the visionary Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway, no less!), DEKA isn’t afraid to tackle audacious challenges. Their focus on healthcare, mobility, and security has led to groundbreaking creations like the LUKE prosthetic arm, designed to restore natural movement for amputees, and the iBOT. This all-terrain wheelchair allows users to climb stairs and even stand upright.  These are the robots that are truly changing lives.

“Our mission at Deka is to deliver innovative and valuable solutions for digital transformation on a national and international level. We continuously strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.” 

iBot Personal Mobility Device

Ekso Bionics:

At Ekso Bionics they are all about empowering those facing mobility challenges. Their exoskeletons are giving people with disabilities the chance to walk, run, and even climb stairs again.  Imagine the possibilities – a world where physical limitations no longer hold you back. That’s the future Ekso is building.

“Our mission is to amplify human motion by enhancing strength, endurance, and mobility across medical and industrial applications with advanced robotics.”

~Ekso Bionics
The future of Robotics
The Exoskeletons


Other heroes of the robot revolution! SparkFun is a distributor of essential electronic components, the building blocks that bring our robotic dreams to life. Their vast inventory and lightning-fast distribution system empower us and countless other innovators to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

SparkFun is likely the trusted supplier behind many of those components. We at Experiential Robotics work closely with SparkFun to ensure our educational programs and robot development kits are accessible and effective.

“Everyone deserves access to electronic literacy. In our Department of Education, we believe electronics are more than a hobby or career path; they’re a creative medium for teaching and learning.”

Sparkfun Electronics

Agility Robotics:

Forget the backbreaking labor! Agility Robotics is here to save the day and your back. Their main goal?  Enable Humans to Be More Human!

They are building bipedal robots designed to dominate warehouse (In a good way!)  tasks like picking and packing. We’re talking superhuman efficiency! Imagine a future where robots handle the grunt work, freeing us up for exciting, creative endeavors. 

“Our mission is to make the world’s logistics more efficient and sustainable by developing robots that can work alongside humans.”

~Agility Robotics 
Agility Robotics
Meet Digit, from Agility Robotics.

FIRST Robotics:

The energy and excitement of FIRST Robotics is contagious! Thousands of students worldwide come together yearly, fueled by a passion for STEM. Their mission, like our mission at Experiential, is to inspire young minds to innovate a better world. 

Experiencing innovation and teamwork at a regional competition was a powerful reminder that the future of robotics is bright, filled with passionate young minds nurtured by FIRST Robotics.

Our mission is to provide life-changing robotics programs that give young people the skills, confidence, and resilience to build a better world

~FIRST Robotics
FIRST Robotics Competition
FIRST Robotics Competition

Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF):

You might know Piaggio for their iconic Vespas, but their Gita delivery robots are taking things to the next level, they are a fascinating example of robots designed to improve daily lives.
Imagine a friendly robot companion following you home with groceries. That’s the future PFF is building, a mission that we all have in common, a commitment to using technology to create positive change.

“Our mission is to build technology products that move the way people move.”

Piaggio Fast Forward
Gita Robot


The future of robotics is bright, and, like the masterminds mentioned, we at Experiential Robotics are actively shaping it.

The companies above are just a few of the many organizations pushing the boundaries. With advancements in AI, machine learning, emotive computing, and sensor technology, the possibilities are endless. Robots will undoubtedly play an increasingly prominent role in our lives.

The key is to embrace the potential of robotics while ensuring ethical development and human oversight. The future of robotics is exciting, and we’re committed to making sure it’s a future for the good of all.

So, what are you waiting for? Gear up, get curious, and join the robot revolution! 🤖

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